Business in Japan


Fully automatic growing system for Greens and Seedlings.  ELM’s original rack system and robot conveyor maximize cultivation in a limited space.  The software allows total control of EcoNursery™ including transferring, LED lighting, temperature, humidity, watering, nutrients solution and CO2.  Stable cultivation is made possible throughout a year without affecting by external weather conditions and pests.

Satellite Tracking System

Our system automatically tracks satellites based on trajectory information calculated by using our specialized software, supporting for low orbiting satellites.  Automatic operation from remote locations is made possible using internet connections.  Multiple antennas can be controlled at the same time using our antenna control software.

Solar – Tracking Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Our system not just tracks the position of the sun, it also prevents the photovoltaic (PV) panels from being shaded and automatically controls the elevation of the panels depending on various weather conditions to maximize power generation.  We have 2 types of the system: eMax-SP Circle for more efficiency and eMax-SP Lines for effectual land use.

LED Lighting

Aqua Fantasy™ is a full color LED illumination lighting in water.   Full color illumination is made possible and creates various performance effects in water such as ponds, canals, fountains and sea.  Pictures and characters can be created out with various arrangements using Aqua Fantasy™ as dots.

Optical Disc Repair Machines

Fully automatic disc repair machines for CDs, DVDs, Books on Discs and Blu-ray. Scratches and smudges are quickly eliminated using our repair system. Different variation of our Disc Repair System is being used in 37 countries and is currently holds the top market share in the world.